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Baby Names Baby Boy Names (com) is the leading baby names website, providing quality information and search services on names to parents and users worldwide. We feature thousands of baby names for boys and girls - from the most popular to the traditional to the highly unusual, uncommon and unique, including hundreds of modern names that only recently have been coined or rediscovered. Due to popular demand we created a baby name forum which is online community of members discussing baby names. Uncover popular variations, nicknames, trends, meanings, derivations, history, and religious significance for each and every name - in short, everything you need to think of the ideal name! Credit is attributed to researchers and scholars whose works are referenced. In addition, the baby names database also features numerous contributions from helpful users all over the world.



Baby Name Meaning and Origin For Leah  Add to favoritesAdd to Favorites
  • Irish Gaelic-The light of the sun. Also see Eileen, Elaine, Eleanor and Ellen.
  • Biblical-It's a Biblical name. This name means: Tender eyes, weary, tired. In the Bible Leah is described as having 'tender eyes'(Genesis 29:16-17). But it is debated as to whether the adjective 'tender' should be taken to mean 'delicate and soft' or 'weak.'. Baby name is only suitable for baby girls. It is a popular baby name.
  • Hebrew-It's a Hebrew name. This name means: Tender eyes, weary, tired or delicate. In the Old testament Leah became Jacob's first wife by trickery, as Jacob had intended to marry her younger sister, Rachel who soon became his second wife. Alternatively it might mean 'wild cow' or 'gazelle.'. Baby name is only suitable for baby girls. It is a popular baby name.
  • English-It's an English name. This name means: Meadow. Baby name is only suitable for baby girls. It is a popular baby name.
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