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Thread: Baby Names / help us name our son
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Monday, March 29, 2010

5:30:50 PM

Posts: 3
  help us name our son
  Me and my partner want a name that is easy to spell and say, we both grew up with unusual names and spent alot of time correcting people on how to pronounce and spell our names. Im Kaelahna (Kay-Lan-A) and my partner is Ederson.
We have two daughters and found it easy choosing names (Emma Joy and Natalie Paige) but we are struggling finding a boys name we both love.
Our surname is Collie
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Monday, April 05, 2010

5:49:38 PM

Posts: 0
  Re: help us name our son


Mitchell Sam Collie - Hamish James Collie - Aidan Lucas Collie


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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

8:09:31 AM

Posts: 0
  Re: help us name our son

Originally posted by Guest



Mitchell Sam Collie - Hamish James Collie - Aidan Lucas Collie-  Corey Aiden Collie


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Thursday, April 08, 2010

5:10:13 AM

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  Re: help us name our son
  I think siblings names should have a ring to them, such as my brothers and I go together nicely: Nathan, 21, Luca, 24, Harrison, 26, Ashley, 29,  and Grace, 31,
and my children go together well also: Jack, 15, Hugo, 11, and Oliver, 7.

I love your children's names as I also agree with naming children with easy to spell names.

how about:
Emma Joy, Natalie Paige and ;
Jonathon Cole Collie
Joseph Harrison Collie
Zachary Dean Collie
Freddie Luke Collie
Regan Kyle Collie
Nicholas Samuel Collie
Jackson Benjamin Collie
Justin Edward Collie
Lyle Gregory Collie
Harley Daniel Collie
Jamie Leon Collie
Maxwell Christopher Collie
Hunter Anthony Collie
Austin William Collie
Chase Alexander Collie
Dylan Romeo Collie
Connor Zane Collie
Daniel James Collie
Elijah Mark Collie
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