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Baby Boy Name

Baby boy names differ from country to country and culture to culture. Generally, male names have their characteristic differences from the female names. This has been the usual practice since time immemorial. This difference between male and female names too varies from place to place and culture to culture. The name certainly helps distinguish the gender of the person.

Parents generally consider many aspects while naming their babies. Baby names in India are chosen by the priests so that babies have a good life when they grow up. The western countries have different considerations of naming their babies. An ancient culture like the Chinese too have retained the traditional methods of naming there babies. A lot of people from these cultures believe that a person’s name influences his prospects in life. Therefore, they are quite choosy in naming their babies. A recent find has revealed that a boy’s future does not depend on the name given to him when he was an infant. But not all can go against their age-old traditions. The parents are still conscious about naming their babies as that name will remain with the baby forever.

The top ten baby boy list of every country will definitely be different. For example, baby boy Hindu name will be different from a baby boy Muslim name. Similarly, a baby boy Japanese name will be totally different from an American baby boy name.

The American baby boy name list includes names such as Daniel, Andrew, Joseph, Christopher, Nicholas, Mathew etc. This list of baby boy names differs entirely from the Japanese baby boy list which includes names such as Shun, Takumi, Kenta, Daiki, Ren etc. If we compare the American baby boy list with another predominantly Christian country like Australia, we still find differences as this list will contains names such as Jack, James, Patrick, Lachlan, Benjamin etc. Year after year, this list of top 10 baby boy list keeps changing. Some names are retained over a period of time, while new names are added to the list.

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